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Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition ISBN 059600530X инфо 2721l.
Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition ISBN 059600530X инфо 2721l.

This authoritative and thorough guide includes everything that made previous editions of Enterprise JavaBeans the single must-have book for EJB developers: the author's solid grasp on the complexities of EJBs ацптхcoupled with his succinct, easy-to-follow style; hundreds of clear, practical examples; adept coverage the key concepts EJBs ; and diagrams to illustrate the concepts presented The fourth edition also includes everything you need to get up to speed quickly on the chanбжсжцges wrought by EJB version 21, an architecture overview, information on resource management and primary services, design strategies, and XML deployment descriptors In this edition, we're adding an EJB workbook for JBoss 40 The workbook shows how to deploy all of the examples on the JBoss 40 application server It addresses an important problem with EJB: deploying the software on a server can be extremely difficult JBoss is an open source project that has become the most widely uбпмигsed J2EE application server Author Richard Monson-Haefel provides just what you need to know to harness the complexity of EJBs: practical, precise, usable examples--large enough to test key concepts but still small enough to be comprehensible--taken apart and explained in the detail you need to deploy those principles in other situations If you work with EJBs--or want to--this book will earn a favored spot on your bookshelf.

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